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Sustainable Farming

On our USDA Certified Organic Farm, we go beyond organic practices into environmental responsibility through soil/ecosystem restoration and water conservation.  We take a holistic approach to our agricultural system, analyzing mineral, organic and biological content to create balance on all levels for holistic ecosystem health.  Reduced tillage, companion planting, cover cropping, drip irrigation and compost teas are just a few of the ways we promote a diverse and healthy ecosystem, which in turn, enables a truly exceptional cropping system.

Private Label/OEM Services


Our cutting edge Frozen Ethanol Extraction Facility was custom designed by our team to create the highest purity Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extracts.  Our processes use only Organic Ethanol and employ deep vacuum in order to subject material to as little heat as possible.  These techniques yield palatable extracts that harness the full potential of our outstanding cultivars, carrying diverse profiles of active compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes.  We also produce fractionally distilled "Distillate" Hemp Extracts, which carry our cultivars' full range of cannabinoids in a high clarity/low flavor form.  Our cGMP facility and our extracts are now USDA Certified Organic!