About Ingredient Alliance

We do more than just aline our customers with exactly what they need. Ingredients Alliance is a comprehensive cannabis supply chain solution. Our business is founded on expert Cryo Ethanol Extraction and post-processing. Our commitment to accuracy and science goes above and beyond industry standards and is raising the bar for the cannabis industry. Whether you are seeking bulk wholesale oils, a grower looking for a processor, a dispensary looking for products, or have a product or brand you want to develop, Ingredient Alliance can do it for you.

Ingredient Alliance is a California company dedicated to the strategic research, development, and cultivation of organically and locally grown Oregon hemp. Ingredient Alliance is proud to join the hemp resurgence and lead the nation’s industrial hemp movement.

Ingredient Alliance produces full-spectrum organic CBD oil, retaining cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients.  A Cryo Ethanol extraction process preserves the beneficial compounds and derivatives of the hemp plant. Ingredient Alliance produces uses food grade ethanol which allows us to get the highest quality extract at unbeatable costs. Lower costs of production allows our retailers to find the best prices for their market. As a polar substance, ethanol extraction makes our winterized oil appear green or brown.

We are able to further the process with a short path distillation unit that produces a much cleaner product with a higher percentage of cannabinoids. Our hemp farm uses organic standards, without the use of herbicides or pesticides, and tested to ensure the highest quality products.

Ingredient Alliance is committed to providing the public with an accessible and affordable full-spectrum, organic CBD oil extract.  Our company is competitively priced to be more cost-effective than any other domestically-cultivated CBD-rich hemp extract product because we firmly believe that CBD-rich hemp extracts should be broadly accessible.

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